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72 - 82 Western Pacific's Last Decade 75.50
Akron Canton & Youngstown & Akron & Barberton Belt 48.75
Alaska Railroad in Color Vol 1 48.75
Along the Mount Beacon Incline Railway 21.50
Along the Rails - A Survey of Maine's Historic Railroad Buildings 25.00
Atlanta & West Point, Western Railway of Alabama & Georgia Railroad Equipment Diagrams 1950s 34.50
Atlantic Coast Line in Color 48.75
Blue Ridge Tunnel 21.50
Bridgton & Saco River Boxcars 24.50
Brix Logging Story - In the Woods of Washington and Oregon 28.75
Brix Martime Story 28.75
Burlington Northern Power in Color Vol 2 48.75
Burlington Northern Power in Color Vol 3 48.75
Burlington Railroad Alliance Division- Arcadia 21.50
Canadian National Steam Volume 2 Misc, 4-4-0s, Newfoundland 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 3 Moguls 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 4 Ten Wheel 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 5 Consolidations 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 6 Mikado, Santa Fe, Pacific & Hudsons 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 7 Mountain, Northerns, Central Vermont 27.75
Canadian National Steam Volume 8 Switchers 27.75
Canadian Trackside Guide 2015 35.00
Carolinas Short Lines in Color Vol 1 48.75
Central Illinois Rails Color Pictorial Vol 2 55.75
Central Railroad of Oregon 49.50
Chesapeake & Ohio Allegheny 2-6-6-6 A Retrospective 32.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Cars 1937-1946 32.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Mountain Type Locomotives 23.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Paint Creek Subdivision 23.75
Chesapeake & Ohio Tunnels 23.75
Chessie System in Color 48.75
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Vol 1 Locomotive & Passenger Car Diagrams 1961 34.50
Chicago & Eastern Illinois Vol 2 Freight Car Diagrams 1961 34.50
Chicago & North Western Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Chicago & North Western Power 1963-1995 in Color Vol 2 48.75
Chicago & North Western: The 400 Club - Presidential F Units 27.75
Chicago America's Railroad Capital 36.75
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Facilities in Color Vol 2 48.75
Chicago Streetcar Pictorial The PCC Car Era 1936-1958 65.75
Classic Railroad Signals 32.75
Clinch Valley Norfolk & Western District Line 32.75
Colorado & Southern No. 9 One Short Season 27.75
Conrail Central Region in Color Vol 1 48.75
Conrail Central Region in Color Vol 2 48.75
Conrail Commodities 45.75
Conrail , Frisco & Southern RR Business Cars 29.50
Conrail Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Conrail's North Jersey Line 23.75
Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide Update 2008-2015 32.75
CSX in Action 27.75
Delaware & Hudson Bridge Line Freight Vol 2 70.75
Dereco in Color 48.75
Dominion Atlantic Railway 1894-1994 23.75
Elkin & Alleghany Railway Revisited 19.50
EMD SD70 Class Vol 1 36.75
Encyclopedia of B&O Cabooses Vol 2 38.75
Florida East Coast Railway in Color 48.75
Freight Cars of the '40s and '50s 20.75
From a Nickel to A Token - NYC MTA 32.75
German Railway Gun 28cm K5(E) Leopold 38.75
Ghost Rails Vol 11 Sharon Steel 60.00
Ghost Rails Vol 12 Seamless, Babcock & Wilcox 60.00
GM&O The Alton Route in Color Vol 2 48.75
Hampden Railroad 27.75
Harvey Houses of New Mexico 21.50
Heckman's Canadian Pacific 55.75
Hiawatha- Nothing Faster on Rails 100.00
Hollywood's Railroads Vol 1 Virginia & Truckee 21.75
Hollywood's Railroads Vol 3 Narrow Gauge Country 23.75
Iowa Route- Burlington Cedar Rapids & Northern Ry 70.75
James J. Hill's Legacy to Railway Operations 38.75
Jersey Central Facilities in Color Vol 1 48.75
Just A Short Line The Story of the Rahway Valley RR Vol 2 1951-2009 55.75
Lehigh Valley Diesel Pictorial 23.75
Logging Along the Moose River - Victory Branch Railroad 23.75
London Tramway Twilight 40.00
London's Metro-Land 36.00
Lord Ashfield's Trams - London 52.00
Milwaukee Road 1847-1939 23.75
Milwaukee Road Power in Color Vol 3 48.75
Mine to Mill History of the Great Lakes Iron Trade From the Iron Ranges to Sault St Marie 27.75
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Passenger & Freight Car Diagrams 1950s 34.50
Monon Passenger & Freight Car Diagrams 1940s-60s 34.50
Montour Railroad - s/c 27.75
Morristown & Erie Vol 2 Service is Our Business 1952-82 45.75
New Haven Passenger Train Consists 1937 & 1945 34.50
New York's Liners - Arcadia 21.50
Nobody Walks Now-A-Days - Merrill Railway & Lighting Co 27.75
Norfolk & Western Railway Steam Pictorial 27.75
Norfolk Southern 2014-2015 Locomotive Directory 32.75
Norfolk Southern Color Pictorial 1950's - 1970's 52.75
Overland Route Passenger Trains 65.75
Pavonia Yard & Shops 19.50
Pittsburg & Shawmut in Color 48.75
Pittsburgh Trolleys in Color Vol 2 48.75
Powder River Coal Trains - s/c 27.75
Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District 36.75
Railroads and Trolleys of Amherst, Massachusetts 27.75
Rails Across the Rock - Newfoundland Railway 28.75
Rails Around the Rock - Newfoundland Branchlines 28.75
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 29 28.50
Reading Company Facilities in Color Vol 2 48.75
Reading in the Conrail Era Vol 1 40.75
Reading in the Conrail Era Vol 2 45.75
Rock Down, Coal Up The Story of the Quincy & Torch Lake Railroad 23.75
Rock Island Power in Color Vol 1 48.75
Rock Island Power in Color Vol 2 48.75
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Cabooses 556-558 24.50
Santa Fe on the Great Plains 40.75
Schuylkill Canal- Arcadia 21.50
Served by London's Trolleybuses 62.00
Service with Courtesy - The Story of the Durham & Southern Ry 24.50
Silver Rails The Railroads of Leadville, Colorado 55.75
Slabtown (Portland, OR) Streetcars - Arcadia 21.50
Soo Line Remembered 55.75
Southern Electric Driver 28.00
Southern Pacific Along the Pacific Coast 70.75
Southern Pacific And the Krauss Maffei Hydraulics 70.75
Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol 20 Passenger Cab Units Reprise 35.75
Southern Pacific Ten-Coupled Locomotives 80.75
Southern Pacific Through Passenger Service in Color 48.75
Southern Pacific Trackside at Transition 70.75
Southern Pacific Trackside in Northern California 1974-1996 48.75
Southern Pacific's Eastern Lines 1946-1996 65.75
SP Vol 43 Majestic Coast Line Pictorial Los Angeles to Santa Cruz 26.50
Speedliners Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha Steam Locomotives 27.75
Spread of London' s Underground - 3rd Edition 20.00
Starr Gate to the Tower -Blackpool Tramway since 1960 Vol 1 58.00
Staten Island Rapid Transit- Arcadia 21.50
Steamboats to Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket - Arcadia 21.50
Steel From Mine to Mill 32.75
Strasburg Rail Road in Color 48.75
The Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore - Canadian Ry Stations 27.75
To the Edge of the World- Trans-Siberian Express 25.75
Tourist Train Guidebook - 5th Edition 21.50
Tracks of the NY Subway 2015 Edition 40.00
Trackside in the Martimes 1967-1993 w/Linley 48.75
Twilight and Dawn of the East Broad Top 1945-1965 25.75
Twin Ports by Trolley The Streetcar Era in Duluth-Superior 36.75
Underground Maps After Beck 40.00
Union Pacific Big Boys in Action 23.75
Union Pacific Northwest 80.75
Virginian Railway Memories 54.75
Waynesburg & Washington Railroad Second Number 4 25.75
West Florida Railroads in Color Vol 3 48.75
Western Pacific Power in Color 48.75
Wisconsin Central in Illinois 45.75
X Car (Private Owner) Color Guide Vol 1 48.75
You Can't Beat the Train - Highway Rail Grade Crossing Safety 19.50


American Wire & Steel Company- Cleveland, OH 60.00
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Locust Point Transfer Bridges 27.00
Denver & Rio Grande RR San Juan Ext. Wolf Creek Trestle 27.00
Expansion of the N&W to include the NKP & Wabash 27.00
Maps of Interurban Lines 27.00
Northern Pacific Tacoma, WA Passenger Station 27.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Harbor Facilities 27.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Inspection of Physical Property 1948 70.00
Pennsylvania Railroad Record of Transportation Lines 1940 30.00
Pictorial History of the C&O Train and Auto Ferries & Pere Marquette Line Steamers 30.00
Steel Making Cleveland District Plants - Republic Steel 27.00
This is the Bessemer 27.00
Wilfred Sykes The Story of a Modern Ore Boat27.00


Chicago & North Western Power in Color Vol 3 Due 10/1/15 48.75
Jersey Central Power in Color Vol 1 Due 10/1/15 48.75
Trackside Around Newport News Due 10/1/15 48.75
Canadian Pacific Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment Vol 2 Due 11/1/15 48.75
Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad in Color Vol 1 Due 11/1/15 48.75
Rio Grande Narrow Gauge in Color Vol 2 Due 11/1/15 48.75
Conrail Under Pennsy Wires Vol 2 Due 11/15/15 48.75
Southern Railway Power in Color Vol 1 Due 11/15/15 48.75
X Car (Private Owner) Color Guide Vol 2 Due 11/15/15 48.75


All Aboard The Wonderful World of Disney Trains Due September45.75
Canadian Pacific The Golden Age of Travel Due August40.75
Capital Streetcars Early Mass Transit in Washington DC Due September21.50
Derailed by Bankruptcy - Life After the Reading Railroad Due January29.75
Down by the N&W Depot Due 201536.75
EMD SD70 Vol 2 Due September36.75
Great Western Railway of Canada Due February21.75
Guide to North American Steam Locomotives 2nd Edition Due January23.75
Illustrated Atlas of Maine's Street & Electric Railways 1863-1946 Due Soon40.00
Iron Road in the Prairie State - Story of Illinois Railroading Due January55.75
John H Burdakin: Railroader Due December 27.75
Last Train to Paradise - Journeys from the Golden Age of New Zealand Railways Due Soon36.75
Lehigh & New England Railroad Company Operations on the East End Due September45.75
Lost Steel Plants of the Monongahela River Valley Due November 22.50
Majesty of Big Steam Due November27.75
Mills Along the Carson River (NV) Due October21.50
Mine to Mill History of the Great Lakes Iron Trade From Sault St Marie to the Lower Lake Ports Due September27.75
Mines Around Silverton - Arcadia Due September21.50
New York Central in the Adirondacks Due September45.75
New York Ontario & Western Kindred Brethren Class X 2-10-2 Bullmoose & Class Y-2 4-8-2 Big 400 Due SoonTBA
Norfolk & Western in Ohio - Scioto Division Due September32.75
Pullmans Derailed - What, Where, How & Why of Sleeping Car Wrecks 1940-1968 Due SummerTBA
Railroad Photography of Jack Delano Due October55.75
Railroad Postcards of Yellowstone Due October22.50
Railroad Vision: Steam Era Images From the Trains Magazine Archives Due October55.75
Railroaders Without Borders - A History of the Railroad Development Corporation Due October40.75
Railroads of Milwaukee Due Fall57.75
Rails Around Mount Union, PA Due SeptemberTBA
Rails in Rochester and Monroe County (NY) - Arcadia Due September21.50
Rails to the Atlantic - Quebec & Maritimes Due September27.75
Railway Depots, Stations & Terminals Due October27.75
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 30 Due September28.50
Reich Rails - Prussia, Imperial Germany & The First World War Due January32.75
San Francisco's Magnificent Streetcars Due 2016TBA
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes & Predecessors Equipment Vol 4 Due September55.75
Shortlines of the Desert Southwest Due OctoberTBA
Soo Line in Minnesota Due November60.75
Southern Oregon Timber: The Kenneth Ford Family Legacy Due August21.50
Southern Pacific Official Cars Due September130.00
Steel Road Nostalgia Vol 1 The Northeast Due September36.75
Stop the Train I Want to Get On - Rediscovering New Zealand Railway Journeys Due Soon36.75
Streamliners- Locomotives & Trains in the Age of Speed & Style Due October32.75
The Tower to Bispham - Blackpool Tramway Vol 2 Due Summer62.00
TSP Freight Car and PFE Reefer Paint and Lettering Guide Due FallTBA
Twelve Twenty-Five The Life & Times of the Steam Locomotive Due 2016TBA
Vintage and Modern Diesel Locomotives Due October32.75
Virginia Blue Ridge Railroad Due October21.50
Western Maryland Railway - Arcadia Due November21.50

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